InMotion Shared Hosting 2017 Review

For any new startup business or service in the 21st century, the best place to start drawing in customers is using a website to promote it. For individuals who don’t necessarily specialize in tech savviness, this might seem like a tedious procedure. For some, it may not even look like the most practical solution due to all of the low-end web hosting options that are available to just anyone.

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The nice thing about InMotion is that while it caters to just about anyone, the quality of their services is not compromised by their extensive clientele of first-time entrepreneurs. This web hosting service specializes in providing a self-explanatory and efficient array of hosting services that include all the basics of first-time website setup and then some.

How is Shared Hosting Used?

In short, a shared web host is used by multiple clients who use one or more websites to advertise their business. A typical shared host will provide a unique domain name to each customer as well access to a standard website-building interface. InMotion offers a few different options for content publishing software. The best part of this? The preferred software comes preinstalled with all websites at checkout.

In addition to the hosting service itself, InMotion offers three different plans for customers to purchase depending on their web development needs. The service is meant to be used by startup companies and well-renowned businesses alike.

Regardless of a company’s level of experience in web content management, InMotion provides options for those just getting their name out on the internet as well as those who have been in the business of web-based self-promotion for years. The most basic plan is ideal for those just establishing a name for themselves on the web while the other two plans cater towards more active businesses.

The low cost of each plan is perhaps the most notable aspect of InMotion’s shared hosting options. Even for the most advanced plan, users are looking to spend less than 10 dollars for each month of hosting. This is, of course, assuming that each plan is purchased during their discount periods. Even without a discount, the Pro package only costs $15.99 per month at most.

In general, a low level of web development expertise is required to get started with InMotion’s shared hosting services. They take care of all the updates and server management while customers simply take care of their website’s content. Shared hosting not only costs far less than having a private server, but InMotion takes care of the host servers themselves.

All basic services offered by InMotion cover the needs of all first-time website builders. For a slight upcharge, some of these features are increased regarding their availability in the other plans. For example, plans outside of the basic launch plan include a higher number of parked domains and subdomains as well as databases associated with them.

While InMotion is great for companies using website hosting for the first time, other options make it easy for companies that have been on the internet for years to change their server location. InMotion also allows businesses to condense all their websites into one server, making it easier for them to manage multiple sites under a single shared hosting account.

Keep in mind; there is a significant difference between Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and shared hosting. With this said, InMotion’s shared hosting services are a considerably more practical option for those who may not know how much website traffic to expect or for those managing multiple sites.

For first-time website builders, it is recommended to opt for the shared hosting choice. While you may experience slower page load times and more frequent updates, you will be saving quite a bit of money while reducing the amount of stress that goes into managing your own server. This concept also applies to business owners that operate more than one website.

This is especially important to consider for business owners who do not plan to conduct business with customers outside of a specific area. Shared hosting is a more practical option if it is assumed that most website traffic will only come from a particular geographic region. This trend means that individual website traffic will be limited anyway, especially if products and services are not available for online sales.

Regardless of which option is the most suitable, they all come with the same <href=”#features”>basic features that make InMotion stand out from other web hosting providers. These include the implementation of Solid State Drives (SSDs), which are much quicker than traditional disk drives. They also include around-the-clock support and include options for software and plugin implementation for all web-based marketing needs.

InMotion hosting reviews for 2017 have been positive for the most part. Many reviews point out the appeal for startup businesses that InMotion has to offer as well as the low costs for shared hosting services. For companies that are just getting their name out on the internet, the most basic web hosting services should suffice if site-building interfaces and content managing tools are available with them.

Even though InMotion appeals greatly to first-time website owners, their flexible price plans are suitable for those who have been taking part in online advertising for a while. While InMotion only provides one domain for free with each plan, support for multiple domains are available for each price plan (assuming that each additional domain is already owned). Additional domains are available for $15 each.

Remember that all plans won’t be suitable for everyone. Each InMotion Hosting package has pros and cons, depending on what you need from your host server.

Available Plans


This plan is currently offered for $3.49 per month and comes with two SQL databases and support for two websites. Users can also reserve up to six parked domains and 25 subdomains between their supported websites.


The Power plan is a slight step up from the launch plan, providing support for six websites and 50 databases for $4.49 per month. Additionally, this option also makes supported websites ready for e-commerce.


The only substantial difference between the Pro package and the other two is the amount of support that is provided. This option allows users to register an unlimited number of websites, domains, and corresponding SQL databases for $7.49 per month. Pro-level support is also offered, making it easier and quicker for clients to address problems that might arise with their websites.

Benefits of Using InMotion Hosting

Much Better Performance-Management Methods Compared to Other Hosting Companies

As a whole, InMotion provides much quicker page loading times and efficient server maintenance. Solid State Drives are utilized free-of-charge with each client, ensuring super-fast server communication. Clients also have the opportunity to choose the geographic location of their server to ensure maximum speed potential.

Data Management Techniques are Reflected in Server Reports

Webpage uptime averages out to be 99.99% for the majority of webpages while the average loading time is usually around 2.7 seconds and an average TTFB time of less than 2 seconds. Assuming that most clients use relatively simple web interfaces for their sites, these are still great statistics.

Plans are Available for Businesses with Different Levels of Web Presence

Even for businesses that are simply wanting to test the waters of web presence, options for the everyday entrepreneur as well as multi-industry companies are available through InMotion. For the average small business, support for just one or two websites may be all that is needed, especially considering the bonus features that come with all plans.

All Plans Come With Exceptional Features and Freebies

24/7 support is provided for all clients, regardless of the plan they are on. The amount of available disk space, email storage and accounts, and monthly data transfers are unlimited for each client. Personally, I see these as some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting service. CMS programs are available for each user, depending on their preference, and each client gets a free domain.

Regular Updates

While this can be seen as an inconvenience at times, regular updates make it possible for InMotion servers to run as efficiently as they do. Notifications are provided to all users when a site is unable to connect to the servers or if any maintenance is being performed. They also make sure that data among individual websites is properly allocated, preventing overwhelmed servers and subsequent crashes.

All Website Data is Backed Up and Secure

It’s almost inevitable for a website owner to experience a system crash at the worst time possible at some point. Many web hosting services charge a fee to back up any lost data. As long as a user account is under 10 gigabytes in size (which is a considerably large amount of web data), InMotion provides free remote backup. Malware protection plugins and SSL certificates are also available for an additional charge.

Flexible, Efficient CMS Options and Data Management

With each purchase, clients are given their choice of content managing services for no additional charge. These include WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop. Each website-building interface is programmable in PHP, Ruby, and variations of SQL programming codes. Google add-ons are also available for each site as well as a variety of other implementable web applications.

Friendly and Helpful Customer Service

While the Pro package comes with an extra level of service, the customer service that is provided by InMotion is already superb. They are available 24/7 via email, web chat, or telephone. From my quick interactions with their agents, it seems they are well-informed and not just trained to recite information from a script. An agent has always been available at a moment’s notice when I need to speak to one.

Relatively Flexible Pricing

InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied clients. This offer is pretty generous considering that the industry standard is usually anywhere between 30 and 60 days. Depending on the clients’ website needs as well as the amount of time that they see themselves with InMotion, multiple pricing options are available for different lengths of time.

Potential Drawbacks of InMotion Hosting

Commitment is Often Required

To get the most quality for the amount of money invested, it makes sense to go with the longer-term pricing options for each package. Unfortunately, payment for these is required up-front. Additionally, a $50 cancellation fee is due after the 90-day period for a full refund. While this is a significant amount of time to decide whether their services are a good fit, an added fee to lost money adds insult to injury.

Larger Companies Tend to Use Larger Amounts of Bandwidth

Naturally, companies with multiple websites that are affiliated with one another tend to generate more internet traffic than those with one domain. While it can be inconvenient at times for businesses with limited website data usage, much less a heavy amount of traffic, traffic peak times are generally the only time when this is a problem. InMotion’s redeeming quality in this aspect is their lack of server crashes.

Plans Have Noticeable Limitations

As minor as these limitations may be, they are certainly evident when comparing the different packages. While e-commerce is a fairly common component of Internet-based businesses, a client operating a single website would have to upgrade from the launch plan to use it. Also, free backup services are only available to clients that use less than 10 gigabytes of web data.

Some of the Advanced Features are a Bit Excessive

The exception for the Pro and Power packages in terms of excessiveness is for companies that rely heavily on web traffic revenue, e-commerce, and redirection to their other domains. These are the most feasible times when a client needs to reserve an unlimited number of parked domains, subdomains, and SQL databases. Pro support is also basically a prioritized version of the standard support they offer.

Should I Switch My Hosting Services to InMotion?

Personally, I would recommend InMotion shared hosting services to any business on a budget, regardless of their level of web-developing experience. InMotion is perfect for companies simply using the internet to market themselves for the first time or for those wanting to improve the price and quality of the host server of all their sites.

Whether a company needs to cheaply implement a way to conduct e-commerce or use a more reliable server to maintain heavy levels of traffic, <href=”#compare”>InMotion takes the cake in this regard by keeping careful track of their clients’ websites and performing updates as needed. Proper utilization of server resources also prevents frequent server crashes.

Don’t take my word for it; other InMotion hosting reviews from 2017 agree that their hosting services offer top-notch quality and ease-of-use that other web hosts sometimes slack on. The best part of these features? InMotion’s flexible price options allow for any individual or business to enjoy them affordably and according to their needs.

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